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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 4, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm JST

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hello there, wcome to "newsline. i'm cathere kobayashi in tokyo. first, a look athe headlines. israi soldiers and hamas fighters are not lettingp in their ttle. even as israel start to pull out of gaza. > people in western pan are wading thrgh floodwaters as rain soa the area for a four day straight. and health care works risking their lives toreat
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ebo blah -- ebola patientsn west africa are dying from the disease. israeli oops appear to be winding down their offenve in thgaza strip. most have stted to pull out of the territorbut the two sides have not stopped fhting. iseli commanders say the close to achieng their goal. they went in to destrotunnels ed by hamas fighters hamas uses the tnels to t attacks. on sunday, the milants launched more than 9rockets towards israel and hamas lders say theyon't stop fighting until israel lif its economic blockade. iseli forces are pressg ahead th their aerial offensive. on sunday,ne shell landed outside a united natns school where abou3,000 palestinians had taken refuge ten people were killed. u.n.ecretary geral moo calledhe attack a moral outrage and criminal a. health officls in gaza say more than 1800eople have been killed since the offsive beg st month.
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rescue crews a struggling to help the survivors oan eartuake in southwestern cha. but aftershocks and d weather are hamperg their efforts. magnitude 6.5 quake t yunnan province on sunday. at lst 360 people were kled. more tn 1800 hurt. thquake hit in late afrnoon. it destroyedt least 12,000 homes, and it severe communication and wer lines. 2,500 mitary personnel, police officers, anfirefighters rushed in to helthe survivors. but they havto work through aftershocks and heavrain. and landsles have blocked some roads. another earthquake suck the area two years agokilling more than 80 pele. >> sourc in tokyo revealed high level effortso shore up relatis between japan and china. they say lasweek former japanese pme minister visited beijing anmet with president xi jingping.
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fukuda invited presidejinping f year. the two men discussehow to prove bilateral rela president xi aeed to a request from fukuda, who is e board airman of the forum ich serves as platform for dialogue ang asia's political, academic a business leaders. the twexchanged opinions o what cane done to enhance ties betweejapan and china thatas suffered ovethe senkaku islands. japacontrols the islandsut china and taiw claim them. prime minister shinzo absaid he'sooking forward to meing the psident. ey will gather in nomber along wi asian pacic cooperation forum. > humidir from the south is bringi trential rains t western pan. officials have issued advory warnin across the regi. officials wi the
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meteorological advisy region say more than 000 millimeters of rain has fallen sce friday. fukuima prefecture has h more tn 600 millimeters. >> rescue members found by on monday. 78 people in kochi precture, moly students, are traed in building after a lanlide blked a nearby road. dozens of houses aoss the gion have been inundated. 1,000 resints were told to evacuate. evacuati advisories across three preftures are affecting more than 0,000 people. officialsay the downpours wi continuentil tuesday. they are warning people bewaref swollen rivers and laslides. r more on what's hapning in western jan, we go to mai shoji our weather desk. >> parts of japan sathe
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wettest weekend iuman rights ross western lations. is is due to what us to be a severe tropical stor which is stillingering over the kean peniula. it has been bringing ample amounts of rainfa across the coastf korea. it is a opical depression as we speak, but is likely to become a low pressure stem a ti soon. d due to this syst feeding that ale moisture from the south, f the past few 've seen this amountf rain fall. take aook at these digits. 1,15millimeters, which about 450 mlimeters fellverhe past 24 hours. and 651 doesn't se that big, compar to this, buthis is a historicalecord for the nth of august as wel and record breakinamounts of rainfall across kushu in t past 2hours. i'm afraid i can tell you this isoing to stop. wee lely to see400 millimeters of additional
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rainfall which will cause secondy disasters. you see another cloud coming over tord the southwtern island. this is a violent tyoon. so this is wt is going to make things even worse. it is heing towards the south sthwestern island a the speed of 1 kilometer per hour. strong typhoon status now and 2 fw 250ilometerind gusts. not only is it bnging rough sea conditio and high waves of about 4 ters high in the southweste islands here but it is gng to be moving u a carrying all tt moisture and dumping it a very heavy rain. no reliefn sight for bad flood ing conditions. that system i mentned will become a low pressursystem and crea more heavy rain in hokkaido. more othat later in the progra >> sheill beoining us with
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more weather updates. people inommunity in northeasternapan are finding out what it's like to be back home the governmentrdered them to evacuate theiromes in 2011 cause of the fukushi daiichi nuclear accident. government officials allowed them to retur and ty're findingife isn't what it used toe. we havtheir story. >> reporter: nobody d seen this for tee years. the kids came ba to a school that stood empty after t nuclear accint. th part of the district is 2 kilometers fm the plant. it's theirst place governmen officials lift their evaction order. but only half the sidents return. some people are ill worried
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abouradiation, even thou the government saythe area is habitable. they also sathe area is inconvenient. there ar't enough shops and hospitals in the dtrict. municipal leads are trying to entice people back. they built temrary shops. ey also launched a ti service for resints who don't have their own wels. residents can usit to see a doct or go shopping with discounted fe. still, some sidents worry the community could disaear. is woman is trying to keept going. shand her family came home a soon as they we allowed. they had to move fivtimes as evacuees. but they never forgotheir
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hometown. >> translator:e are happy every day. itas good we returned on. >> reporte knowing only half the residents ha returned, she decided create a place wher everyone can g together. a traditional use her family ow was the ideal locatn. she redeled it as a cafe. she was bornnd raised in the house. she remeers the 150-year-old house waalways full with many people visitin hewedding ceremony waseld there, too. >> translato this place gives my life meaning. i was born a raised here. i can't thk of living anywhere else. hard times, sad time happy times, ie had them all here.
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>> reporter: s hopes this use will be a place ere ople with fewer neighbors who tend to be isolated. she openher cafe in june. [ applse ] resints came to help her celebrate. did neighbors who hen't mod back. she is serving lunchn the cafe and organizing cft classes for residents. >> translator: i'm so ppy i cacome here. >> repter: she knows rebuilding the cmunity won't be easy, with so many peop staying ay. >> translator: ihouldn't hope r too much. people who wanto come back should come.
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but i'm waitin reporter: governmen officials ve no concrete plans to lift their evuation order from other parts of the ar. mewhile, she hopes herafe will help tranorm her district into a place where pple want to return. >>consumers across jap are tighteningheir belts. researchs say growth from ril to june has slumped. they blame the irease in the nsumption tax. gross domestic product fm junior toarch grew at an annualate of 7%. japanese officials willnnounce the new gdp figures next week. researchs say it fell to an annual re of minus6. to
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minus 1.2%. consumersought fewer cars and home appliances when t sales tax was raid in april a siness ownerspent less on factory and equipnt a many say consumersill spe moren the next quarter and president abe will decideith those numbershether to raise it an extr 2%. experts say japan's populaon could fl below the acceptable rate >> reporr: she lives inokyo with her husband and4-month-old son. she works r a food company but she's on parentaleave until next yr. she thks balancing parenti and wo will be tough. shsays she and her husnd
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want a secd child, but she's worried they wou struggle to cope. she s to go on a long waing listo get her son into a public nursery. the goverent cut child allowance two years ag school fs are rising, and that's hurting parts who should much of the cost. only households three other developed countrs pay a grear share of the bill. >> translato we have to pay our mortgagend we'll need more ney for tuition. i'm worriehow we can manage our spding. >> rorter: japanese famies are bringing iless than they used to. those withhildren earn 10% le annually than they did 15 years ago. she says itay be better to give one child proper re and
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education thano stretch things thin for two. >> tralator: i hope the government will foer an environment in whichomen feel secu enough to have chilen and won't have to worry about the cost oraising them. reporter: another ftor in e low birth rate is the increasing nber of people who choose not to marr many say ty don't earn enough money to rse a family. thisan is a social worker at a norofit organization just north of tokyo. after gradting college, he hoed around between jobs in conveniencstores and super marks. he was 31 en he landed his current b in april. he now earns $1900 aonth. he ss that, after tax an living expense there's nothing leftor savings. heays he wants to get marrie
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one day, but hdoesn't feel financially stable e ma such a big commitme. >> tralator: i don't have any savings. and m stretching my earngs out only eugh to cover my own living cos. i'just not sure if i can hav own family. >> reporter: and it's t only kawaguchi who is hitating. official figures showhat only ound 10% of men in tir 30s wh earn less than $3000 a year are married. ana government survey ggests ha the unmarried men fl they can't ford to build a fami. one expert ss the government's new initiaves are hopeful, but it needs too further. >> translator: we need meares to bst the incomes of yog couples. increasi the number of nurseries, ming it easier to take parenl leave are also important.
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and endorsing flexible working hours. reporter: japanese peoplere having fer and fewer babies. abis promising to act swiftl to very verse slide. but first he musconvince people his governmenwill offer the suprt they need. "nhk world"." wealthy pele in india are becoming more terest invest their savings as eir econy continues to expan executives at a ading japanese li insurer aim to tap is growing dema by marketing a mutual fund at's focused on japane stocks. people at this life insurance company wl start selling uts of the stockund in india as early as this nth. company ofcials say it will be a joint effort betwe the fi's investment affilie, a subsidiary of major c conglomerate compliancgroup.
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this wil be the first stock japanese fund to be sold in india. although india's enomy has been slowing down, i showing an annuaex the level. thassets in the countrgrew over six times over the st ten ars. now let'take a quick look at our glob economic calendar. three major central banks wl be holding policy meetings thi week. reserve ba of india will review its policy on in june, rbi policmakers lets the key rate unchang at 8%. a series of steps they hav taken has brought coumer prices dowthis year. then the bank of jap will convene meeting of its polic board onhursday. last mth japanese central bankers and ard members decided to maintn a stimulus program while sticking t2% inflatn target. european ctral bank policy make are getting together in frkfurt, also on thursy. the b has taken its depot rate t a negative territory,
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setting it at minus 0.1% spuing growth to bring inflation around 2%. on friday, jan's current account data for june ll come t. inmay,his broad gage of tradand investment showea surplufor the fourth straight month. finally on satury, we'll find at's happening on cha's inflation front. e consumer price ind for julyill be released. inflationooled a bit in june wi the cpi ticking up 3% from a yeaearlier. two japanese cits. two atomic bbings that changed story. te of thousands of peoe died in an instt in august 1945. survivors re left suffering in the ruins. "newsle" will show you how they'vbeen passing down thr experices and sharing messes about world peace. in us for our specia covege, remembering hiroima and gasaki starting mond, augu 4th. healthare professionals
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are doing wh they can to stop the largt outbreak of ebola. th rushed in after people in thregion started dying. but some a falling victims themselv. officials with the world health organization say 729 people have died fm the virus in giy, sierraeone and liberia. they say at least 60edical professials have ed. one ameran doctor was sent home and is beintreated as a spital in atlanta. the people who live in wt afca can't get the helthey need. there aren't enough doctorand rses and some hospits in the virus. ople on the front lis are feeling e strain. doctors without bords are calling on colagues around the world to help. still, they are warning ofhe dangers. >> y can get infected ju by washing wi your hands, will go back to yr village, leone,
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liberia, and after 2 to 21 da youan he the dease. >> s said doctors and health officials the r inperienced and many people don't trusthem. >> 's the fst time that this disease haens in west africa. so the populion didn't know anything about it. the medil staff didn't know anything. d political and new study authorities dn't know as well. >>he says many patientavoid hospitals, en those who know they're infected. she said her organization resours are setched to the limit a she wts mical profesonals from around theorld to help train local heal care recycling benefit our lives in any number of ways. in the philippines, common container dcarded by millions of people worldwi eryday is being repuosed with dazing implic n kathleen o'campo r
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>> reporter: ts is a farming community nestd in the mountains of luzon, me 100 kilometers nor of manila. 30 families liveere, but none them have access to electricity. aftedark, they gather around oil lamps candles. as the lightrun out, they light bon fires. nongovernment organition visits the village, inging with them empottles and small solar panels. they assemble e pieces to make simple lamps. e project gives free lightg to peoe who don't have electricity. phillip diaz headshe group. he heard about the villagerom a locachurch. he broughtnough materials for 30amps.
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ea lamp is easy to assble. just insert the e.d. in a ttle and attach a solar pal. ngo members makeamps with the viagers and put them otheir rooftops. the solar pal receives enough sunlight during thday to power the lamp all night. they don't have theapacity to pay the electrici rates, which are some of the hight in asia so what we wanted tooas build a way where they c have so light, but u commonly available merials. >> reporter: after sset, pele across the villagturn on their lamps. an illumined evening like this is a dream come ue. >> tnslator: thanks to ts lamp, we can e dinner without making a fuslike we did before.
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the childrenre so happy. the lamp ivery important to us. we're so grateful r the power of the sun. >> reporter: theroup's main focus is helpi regions struck by lt year's typhoon haiyan. the typhoon made many people homeless. unable to patheir electricity bills, they've bee without ectric lights for mo than six months. di hopes his lamps will offe some encragement. >> light is really, i ink, the firsttep of reilding life. the most important pt is abt, you know, you c the people feel go what we dihere. >> translator: we' really happy. this will changeverything for us. we d't have to spend the night in the dimight anymore.
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>> reporte small lamps made a fat bottles shine in the darkness they're a glimmer of hopfor people w refuse to give in to adversity. kathle o'campo, nhk world. a tropical storm iwhipping up waters along the u.s. et coast. mai shoji joins with more in world weather. >> it's bn a slowtart of t hurrice season so far in the atlantic. things aretarting to brew up. let me show you picture from puerto rico. tropicaltorm bertha rolled er the caribbean, inuding erto rico, this pasteekend, leaving a path of dage. over 9,000 residentsost power on the isld with 1300 sidents without wate one manasnjured in t storm due t a lightningtrike accordinto local authorities. the tropical storm bera contins to track north tod and is forected to have any direct impac to any more land mass.
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but looks like it may come a hurricane status ait churns over the warm water. so ihe next fewys, we are likely to mitor it toecome a little bitstronger. wind gusts are reaching 9 kiloters per hour. it will maintain statuas it nes the carolinas. it is more of the ricurrent, life threatening sur we're concerd of. t the cold front hugng this eastern aboard is what caused e thunderstorms to bw up. so anywhere alg the gulf states karnd line disclore-states and the carolinas are lely to see more thunderstos pepperingacross. the heat is still evailing in thmid section of the u. and ov in nevada likely spawn tornadic events withusts about 113 kilometers perour. so even rnadic activity can -- cannot be ruled out. but to theorth of that, we want that precipition, low humidity and gusts of 80 kilometers p hour co fire in thlocations.
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d.c., atlanta as can you s, likelyeeing chances of thunderstorms on you monday. a quiclook here in europe, czech reblic and croatia, you see ry bad severe weather situations. w theystem will be -- we're getting severe weatherowards the norther areas including t scandinavi peninsula with huge intention hail, heavy rain and hi wind as well as tornadoes. anotr topic here is the at. the heat istill the locations. take look at kiev. 35 drees on your monday where theverage is usually around 24 degrees. these areas will liky see well above average range. so extreme heat coulcause heat stke. please bcautious. i'll leave you nowith an extend forecast.
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that's allor this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine koyashi in tokyo. thanks for joinings.
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